Public Speaking Tips at Stirling

public speaking tips

Public speaking tips and what to eat in Winter were just a couple of the themes discussed at Stirling Speakers on 23rd October.

Our 2nd ever meeting was another great success.  Even better was the 11 people who said they would joining the club, so only another 11 to go!

The admiration award has to go to Julie Anne.  She goes down in history as the first non-Toastmaster to take on a role at Stirling Speakers, well done to her and many thanks for stepping up.

Our Toastmaster of the evening, Nick, started out my making our mouths water with a Winter food theme.  He kept the meeting going smoothly although we did go a little over time.

We had a speech from Sudha about how she was a mischievous child and has not grown out of it even now.  You have been warned!  We also had some public speaking tips and advice about public speaking from Anas.  There was a good mix of humour and information to the evening from both speeches.

Both speakers were given helpful feedback from their evaluators – evaluation is one of the important ways we learn.  Both evaluations gave positive encouragement to the speakers as well as making suggestions for how the speech may be improved.

After a short break, our Table Topic Master managed to get some guests and newcomers up talking – well done to everyone who took part.

Public Speaking Tips
James winning the speech contest, with Kevin Lee

Our final evaluations gave us some pointers but James McGinty summed up the meeting by saying it was so good he could not wait until the next one.  He will have to wait until 13th November.  In the meantime, we wish him all the best for the humorous speech contest finals being held on 4th November in Sheffield.  James will be representing Scotland and many of us will be there to cheer him on.

Once again, thanks to everyone who came along to support the new club.  It is great to see so many experienced members helping out and public speaking tips given to our guests.

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